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We are Kulcha Coloring Works Inc.
Made in the Oakland Republic.

Our Mission
The mission of Kulcha Coloring Works is to provide lower income communities and the broader society with quality clothing and media services- that are culturally relevant and sensitive- dedicated to improving inter- communal relations and advocacy for mothers of slain family members.

Operations Management Mission
To produce goods and services consistent with the companies mission at the lowest cost to the consumer as possible.

Supply Chain Management
To cooperate with suppliers and subcontractors to develop innovative products with stable, effective, and efficient sources of supply.

Quality Management
To attain the exceptional value that is consistent with our company mission and marketing objectives by class attention to design, procurement, production, and consulting opportunities.

To achieve highly consistent output levels of goods and services with timely customer delivery through effective scheduling.

To achieve low investment in inventory consistent with high customer service level and facility utilization.

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